Access Management Made Easy

Elegant, Intuitive Access Solutions for Multi-Family & Mixed-Use Properties.

INOX Smart is an integrated solution that combines beautifully engineered door hardware with cloud-based technology to eliminate the pain of complex access management.  

ISM7000 INOX Smart Lock

ISM-MC7000 Series

Smart Lock for Swing Doors

ISM95 with Graphite Black lever

ISM-PD9500 Series

Smart Lock for Sliding Doors


ISK-B300 Series

Narrow Stile Smart Reader Controller with Keypad

Smart Example App


Intuitive Software for Access Management

Smart-lock-700-x-700 01

ISM-MC7000 Smart Lock

The ISM-MC7000 combines a beautiful trim profile and an ANSI Grade 1 office entry mortise. Perfect for multi-family unit entries, laundry rooms, gyms, leasing offices, and much more.


  • 12 stocked designer lever options
  • 7 standard finishes
  • Solid stainless steel trim and locking components
  • Motor-driven deadbolt
  • Communicates with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi gateway
  • Supports 13.56MHz RFID e-keys

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INOX Smart App

Make access management easy with the simple, intuitive INOX SMART App.  Available for Apple iOS and Android.

Enhanced safety features:

  • Auto locking
  • One-touch locking
  • Audit trail
  • Passage and Privacy Mode

Scalable architecture:

  • Multiple properties, units, users and e-keys
  • Customizable user roles, permissions and access levels


  • Cloud-hosted database with multilevel encryption
  • Requires no special IT servers or additional software
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ISK-B300 Smart Controller

Connect directly to any electrified locking hardware device with the ISK Smart Controller series.  The controller is fully integrated with the INOX SMART App.  With a modern touchscreen keypad and IP66 water resistance, this controller is designed for access management at entries, exits, gates, pools, and many other environments.

Connectable Devices:

  • Electrified locks - Fail Safe (EL) or Fail Secure (EU)
  • Electrified exit devices & trim
  • Electrified strike


  • Near proximity with Bluetooth Low Energy and remotely through Wi-Fi gateway
  • Supports 13.56MHz RFID cards, fobs, wristbands, and e-keys
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