Narrow Stile Smart Reader Controller with Keypad

All-in-one narrow stile indoor/outdoor reader and controller with keypad for electrified locking mechanisms, including locks, strikes, and exit devices

The INOX Solution

Perfect Security Integration for Access Management

  • Reader with Credential Notification, Access Controller, and Door Monitor - all in one
  • Remote access via BLE and RFID
  • Integrates perfectly with the INOX Smart app for iOS and Android
  • Supports 13.56 MHz Mifare RFID card or fob
  • Connects directly to any electrified locking mechanism
  • Protective metal casing, water resistant IP66, Black or Aluminum finish


INOX ISK-B300 Access Control System

One-Touch or Hands Free

Credential Combinations for Ease of Authentication

  • PIN code access programmable for four to eight digits
  • Durable touch screen - no moving parts to wear
  • Supports touchless opening capability with INOX app and smartphone, fob, or card