Form Meets Function

Architectural hardware that meets the challenges of hospitality and mixed-use projects

Fulfilling Expectations & Meeting Regulations

Architects and designers prefer elegant designs and finishes, but also need to meet Commercial building codes, including UL Fire Listing, ADA compliance, high frequency usage openings, and exit/panic devices. With INOX, you can have both Form and Function.

Commercial Construction for Interior Applications

SE221 19G glamour residential

TL4 Grade 2 Tubular Latch

  • Lifetime mechanical warranty
  • Latch stabilizing steel bracket
  • No lever sag
  • 28 degree latch retraction
  • 3 hour fire-rated latch option

INOX feels ‘bullet proof’ with all the upgrades, innovative designs that are long lasting and dependable.

Keene Cottle, Hardware Manager
Mountain Land Design, Salt Lake City, UT

Commercial Construction for Exterior Applications

MC7000 243 32D glamour residential

Three product applications

  • MC7000 Series
  • PD9000 Series
  • XSF Trim for RIM and SVR Exit Devices

Features include

  • Cycle tested 1 million times
  • Lifetime mechanical warranty
Form Meets Function X Series Trim backside

Exteriors: X-Series Trim Design

  • Hardened knurled brass nut for mechanical integrity and strength
  • Heavy duty wire torsion spring
  • Threaded rose cover for easy installation
  • Solid Stainless Steel lever, cast Stainless Steel sub-rose
  • Passed 1 million cycle testing
PD97 243 32D Office glamour


Sliding door locks

ED93 Rim and vertical rod outside trims


Rim and vertical rod outside trims

Compatible with Door Hardware from Other Vendors

Card Readers