Form Meets Function

Architectural hardware that meets the challenges of hospitality and mixed-use projects

Fulfilling Expectations & Meeting Regulations

Architects and designers prefer elegant designs and finishes, but also need to meet Commercial building codes, including UL Fire Listing, ADA compliance, high frequency usage openings, and exit/panic devices. With INOX, you can have both Form and Function.

Commercial Construction for Interior Applications

SE221 19G glamour residential

TL4 Grade 2 Tubular Latch

  • Lifetime mechanical warranty
  • Latch stabilizing steel bracket
  • No lever sag
  • 28 degree latch retraction
  • 3 hour fire-rated latch option

Commercial Construction for Exterior Applications

MC7000 243 32D glamour residential

Three product applications

  • MC7000 Series
  • PD9000 Series
  • XSF Trim for RIM and SVR Exit Devices

Features include

  • Cycle tested 1 million times
  • Lifetime mechanical warranty
Form Meets Function X Series Trim backside

Exteriors: X-Series Trim Design

  • Hardened knurled brass nut for mechanical integrity and strength
  • Heavy duty wire torsion spring
  • Threaded rose cover for easy installation
  • Solid Stainless Steel lever, cast Stainless Steel sub-rose
  • Passed 1 million cycle testing
PD97 243 32D Office glamour

PD9000 Series Sliding Door Mortise Locks with Emergency Egress

  • PD95 Mechanical Lock
  • PD96 Mechanical Auto-locking, Auto-latching Lock
  • PD97 Electrified Lock with Overhead Power Transfer
  • PD97PT Electrified Lock with Built-in Power Transfer
  • PD97ES Electrified Lock with Electric Switches
  • PD97ATL Electrified Lock with Auto-lock
ED93 Rim and vertical rod outside trims


Heavy Duty ANSI Grade 1 Exit Devices

  • ED93-Rim
  • ED93-SVR Surface Mounted Vertical Rod
  • ED93-LBR Less Bottom Rod
  • ED93-MED Mortise
  • ED93-CVRM Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Device for Metal Doors
  • ED93-CVRW Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Device for Wood Doors

Compatible with Door Hardware from Other Vendors

Card Readers