Sliding Door Locks

INOX mortise locks offer a stunning array of options in various series and present stainless steel toughness with beautiful design: form meeting function for any facility or use

PD3000 hospitality glamour


Narrow Profile Mortise

Designed to fit sliding door openings where larger mortise locks cannot, including glass doors



Emergency Egress Mortise 

Allows the beauty, simplicity, and security of locking sliding doors while providing free and easy egress to occupants in case of emergency

PD96 interior multiuse residential living room glamour


Auto-locking, Auto-latching Mortise

A commercial grade lock that provides all the functions usually only available for swing doors

PD97 AOffice glamour


Electrified Lock with Overhead Power Transfer

An electrified sliding door mortise lock designed specifically for openings in high tamper situations

PD97PT education glamour


Electrified Lock with Built-in Power Transfer 

Low voltage power is supplied directly from the strike to the lock faceplate for ease of installation

PD97ES 102 healthcare glamour


Electrified Lock with Electric Switches

Enhanced safety and security monitoring of open/closed positions and locked/unlocked status with Door Positioning Switch (DPS) and Deadbolt Monitoring Switch (DBM)



Electrified Lock with Auto-Locking

Built-in DPS and DBM sensors enable auto-locking and auto-latching features. 


Sliding & Pocket Door Mortise Lock

Can be used with any flush or surface pulls for strength plus beauty