Narrow Profile Mortise Lock for Sliding Doors

Designed to provide superior strength and durability while easily retrofitting into existing narrow profile spaces


  • Designed to fit sliding door openings where larger mortise locks cannot, including glass doors
  • Integrates stainless steel bolt, hub, and faceplate together into an innovative design
  • Hook bolt is retracted until the door is closed; then, actuator automatically self-latches the door
  • Successfully tested to 250,000 cycles for lever and hook bolt
  • Meets ANSI A117.1 Accessibility (ADA Compliant) and UL1784 Standard


Note: The PD3000 lock is a work in progress; this information contains proprietary design concepts and specifications under development. INOX reserves the right to modify and and all parts of product design, dimensions, specifications, functions, and proprietary configurations at any time. Updated revisions will be released at INOX's discretion. Please contact us to inquire about updated information before specifying and ordering this product.

Product Preview Sheet



Standard Door Thickness: 1-3/4" (45mm)
Thick Door Kits (TDKs) available
Backset: 1-1/4" (31.5mm) 
Lever Spindle: 8x8mm square
Case Size: 4-1/2" x 5/8" x 1-19/32" (114mm x 16mm x 40.5mm)
Handing: Non-handed


  • ANSI A1171.1 Accessibility Code (ADA Compliant)
  • Meets UL1784 Standard
  • Tested to Grade 1 standard of 250,000 cycles
  • Narrow profile lock allows larger glass sections in door, a popular design and biophilic architectural trend
  • Hook bolt does not protrude when door is open, giving the open door a clear profile and more space
  • Hook is engaged when door is closed and actuator button on faceplate encounters strike
  • Uses a standard narrow profile door prep for easy retrofit
Hook Bolt
Bolt remains retracted when door is open
When door is closed, actuator on lock case comes in contact with strike, activating self latch



Passage - 10

  • Self-latching
    • When sliding door is closed, bolt is automatically engaged into the strike
  • Outside and inside levers are always unlocked and retract the bolt


102 Munich

PD3000_Explod copy2

Exploded Diagram

  • PD3000 Lockcase
  • Solid Brass Bolt with Self-Retracting Hook
  • Escutcheon with Choice of X Series Lever Designs
  • Solid Brass Push button to Active the Self-Latch feature
  • Adjustable Strike



32D swatch lever 221
32D Satin Stainless Steel


19G swatch lever 221
19G Graphite Black


C19G swatch lever 221
C19G Graphite Black


C19 swatch lever 221
C19 Flat Black


CDB swatch lever 221
CDB Dark Bronze


CGY swatch lever 221
CGY Stormy Grey

Custom finishes including CeraMax are available with MOQ and extended lead times.