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Entry Handleset Templates
Mortise Entry Handlesets
NY, MH, ME, and BW Handleset with MT Mortise Lock Template

Tubular Entry Handlesets
NY and MH Tubular Entry Handleset Template

Mortise Lockset Templates
Designer Levers with LA or SF Plate
LA and SF Series Mortise Lock Template

X Series Trim with MC Mortise Locks
XGT and XGS Series Mortise Lock Template
XRA and XSE Series Mortise Lock Template 

MC7000 Mortise Lockset Templates
RS Series
MC7000 Template for RS Series Levers & Lock

Cylindrical Lock Templates
CL Grade 1 Heavy Duty
BL Grade 2 Standard Duty
CL and BL Template / Instructions

PD2000 TwistLock Template
Edge Pull/Privacy Lock
2-3/8" Backset with FH12, FH13, FH22CF, and FH23CF Trim

Barn Door Privacy Lock Templates
BD Series
BD1000 Series Template
BD4000 Series Template

PD3000 Narrow Profile Locks for Sliding Doors Templates

PD3000 Template for Wood Door
PD3000 Template for Metal Door