Door Viewer

Door Viewer

200° viewing area, fire rated


  • Extra wide 200° viewing area for top security
  • Highly polished glass lens
  • UL10c Fire Rated


Data Sheet
Three Part Specifications (coming soon)

Door Viewer


Door Thickness: 1-3/4" Wood or Metal
Can be used for 11/16" - 1-7/8" thick "Shake" type doors
Material: Solid cast brass with polished glass optic lens
Dimensions: 9/16" (14mm) bore diameter
Inside Flange: 11/16"

Code Compliance

  • ANSI A156.16: L21371, L23221
  • UL10c and UBC7-2: Conforms
  • C-UBC: California Amended Uniform Builders Code
  • NFPA 80: National Fire Protection Association
  • NFPA 101: National Fire Protection Association - Life Safety
UL codes



26D Satin Chrome
26D Satin Chrome

Custom finishes are available with MOQ and extended lead times.