SE Rose 32

SE Rose

2-3/8" Square Sectional Rose

Sleek, bold lines beautifully match simple, tasteful home décor

SE 107 32 Glamour


SE square roses fit a standard door prep; their sleek, bold lines beautifully match simple, tasteful home decor. Pair them with any INOX architectural lever design for a modern but timeless look for your interior leverset.


Dimensions: 2-3/8" (60mm) Square
Materials: Stainless Steel

Compatible with:

TL4 Latch
TL7 Latch




32 swatch lever 221
32 Bright Stainless Steel
32D swatch lever 221
32D Satin Stainless Steel
19G swatch lever 221
19G Graphite Black
PVD4 swatch lever 221
PVD4 Satin Brass


C19G swatch lever 221
C19G Graphite Black
C19 swatch lever 221
C19 CeraMax Flat Black
CDB swatch lever 221
CDB Dark Bronze
CGY swatch lever 221
CGY Stormy Grey

Not all finishes are standard. Custom finishes including CeraMax are available with MOQ and extended lead times.

Lever Gallery

The SE rose pairs beautifully with any of these INOX lever designs.

SE102 32 C
SE102 or XSE202 Munich
SE103 32 C
SE103 Oslo
SE104 32 C
SE104 Brussels
SE105 32 C
SE105 or XSE205 Frankfurt
SE106 32 C
SE106 Copenhagen
SE107 32 C
SE107 Stockholm
SE108 SP C
SE108 Vienna
SE109 32D C
SE109 Stuttgart
SE210 32 C
SE210 Air-stream
SE211 32 C
SE211 Breeze
SE213 32 C
SE213 Cabernet
SE214 32 C
SE214 Champagne
SE217 32 C
SE217 Horizon
SE221 SP C
SE221 Aurora
SE223 SP C
SE223 Phoenix
SE225 32 C
SE225 Waterfall
SE226 32 C
SE226 Summer
SE227 32 C
SE227 Stratus
SE243 32 C
SE243 Sunrise
SE244 32 C
SE244 Twilight
SE251 32 c
SE251 Sequoia
SE311 32 C
SE311 Crest
SE318 32D B
SE318 Café
SE344 32 C
SE344 Ecco
SE345 32 C
SE345 Tokyo
SE346 32D C
SE346 Osaka
SE351 32 C
SE351 Toronto
SE379 32 B
SE379 Arctic
SE380 32D B
SE380 Polaris